perseveranza manu invisible
Manu Invisible Art backers
Manu Invisible Art backers
Manu Invisible Art backers

Manu Invisible PERSEVERANZA – perseverance


Art Backers presents the limited edition print  PERSEVERANZA  (perseverance) by the artist Manu Invisible, only 40 exclusive edition.

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Manu Invisible


The last work of mysterious artist…

perseveranza manu invisible


PERSEVERANCE represents an appeal to the emotions of the audience, and elicits feelings that already reside in them.


Size: 40×25 cm

Total Edition: 40

Materials:   One Color Handmade Silkscreen on 100% cotton, archival paper ARCHES 250 gr, museum quality

Authenticity: Hand Signed  and numbered by Manu Invisble

price: 45 €

Exclusive to Art Backers, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with the AB seal.

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Manu Invisible

 Follow the mask!

Manu Invisible

Manu Invisible embarks on his artistic career in the early twenty-first century on the territory of Sardinia to project then, the art scene in Europe. Coming from the world of graffiti, keeps the urban approach of this discipline, a trend towards “propaganda” in style and message.

His art includes several facets: Urban Art, Decoration of environments, Muralism and Painting alternative.

Manu Invisible is an artist in disguise, wearing a black mask entirely self-produced and inspired by both the geometry and at night; even the light is among the carriers of his study, whence the works of Light Painting experience through unusual instruments and alternative methodologies.


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