Simone Fugazzotto Curiosity is my only Vanity I


Art Backers is proud to announce the Limited Edition of artist Simone Fugazzotto, Curiosity is my only Vanity I!
A special artist edition, every prints are uniques and different about others, hand pulled silkscreen Limited Edition Prints, only 90 pieces, numbered and signed by artist with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Curiosity is my only Vanity I

Simone Fugazzotto Curiosity is my only Vanity I art backers

SPECIAL ARTIST EDITION – every prints are uniques and different about other !!

Size: 40×60 cm

Edition: 90

Materials:   Four Colors Handmade Silkscreen on 100% cotton, archival paper Canson 320 gr, museum quality.

Authenticity: Hand Signed  and numbered by Simone Fugazzotto

price: 90 €

Exclusive to Art Backers, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with the AB seal.

Random number and nuance colours / sale without frame

Simone Fugazzotto Art Backers

Simone Fugazzotto was born, then he started to paint.

Simone Fugazzotto (1983, Milan, Italy) has built his relationship with visual arts since early age: he was a cartoonist as a child, a lover of art history in adolescence, a painter at the academy.

In his paintings figures of “sophisticated” humans in disparate situations are combined with the figure of monkey — out of point of origin, an example oft he harmony in which is possibility to co-exist with the nature, a model of simplicity and of integrity. He exhibited his works in different art galleries of New York, Paris, Prague and Milan.

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