Roberto Ciredz

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Roberto Ciredz was born in south east coast of Sardinia in Italy.
After the high school of art he moved to Bologna where he get a Sculpture degree in 2011 and Graphic Arts Master’s degree in 2013.
Around 2007 he began to participate at group shows in Italy and then move on to take part to international public art events in Europe.
His work is strongly influenced by 1960s and 1970s art history and consequently all of the individual research developed since the early 1990’s.
His research is based on to graphically represent the relationships that exist between urban space and untouched space, focusing on what happens when these different environments merge into one, creating combinations of shapes and colours between natural and artificial elements.
Multidisciplinary artist extend his artwork with sculpture, drawing, photography and murals.

Lives and works in Sardinia.

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