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Cédric Dasesson Photo Edition LEVEL 05



Level Under Water – Sea Level – Above Sea are the three levels of interpretation of Cédric Dasesson’s works.

Fine art photo print edition available in different sizes with frame.

18×24 cm, 21×29 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm / fine art photo print / frame with passepartout / special packaging

All the sizes include a white margin

Available in 15 working days

For other bespoke sizes please send a request via email

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Cédric Dasesson

LEVEL photo collection

Avaliable Sizes : 18×24 cm, 21×29 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm

Level Under Water – Sea Level – Above Sea are the three levels of interpretation of Cédric Dasesson’s works.

Cédric Dasesson’s exhibition and editorial choice of his works follows the so-called “Natural Order of Things”, that is the condition of absolute synthesis and harmony between nature and man, from which to start for having a clean, elaborated and comprehensible narrative.

Cédric’s works are like “variations on the subject” for visions and introspections from different points, where by changing the order of factors, the “artistic message” does not change in the three levels of knowledge: Under Water – Sea Level and Above Sea.

From the submerged level to the emerging water and lands in search of interpretive lines to represent those unique, exclusive, perfect “natural conditions” almost being mapped with geometric Cartesian coordinates. The selected images are single works and each one needs an interpretive, stylistic, artistic insight, but the temptation to “read them” as a whole becomes very natural, consequential, instinctive and exciting.

Cedric is an Instagram celebrity and gives the opportunity to his followers to have one of his pictures at a very affordable price.


Cédric Dasesson is a Cagliari (Italy) based artist who came to photography and conceptual art starting from studies in architectural science.

His photographic concept is divided into two styles, two different way to research.

Cédric Dasesson Art backers instagram
Photo Size With White Margin:

18×24 cm, 21×29 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm


fine art photo print


Open Edition – Sealed by Art Backers and Cedric Dasesson


frame wood / passepartout paper / white mount / glass

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