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Cosmic Man Series – Bearded Trascendetal SKY-Blue


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Bearded Man Trascendental Sky-Blue a part of a sequence of iconic faces, in according to the Vedic religion, The Cosmic Man Series is a huge being, that covering space and time, sacrifices a part of itself to give rise to humanity, to the universe.
A special handpulled silkscreen Limited Edition Prints, only 22 pieces, signed by artist with Certificate of Authenticity

Andrea Casciu

The Cosmic Man Series

Bearded Man Trascendental

SKY BLUE Edition

Size: 46×30 cm

Edition: 22

A sequence of iconic faces, in which there is a personal reworking of the artist’s face.
The artwork rises from a reflection of the cosmic man, a primordial uncreated being.
According to the Vedic religion, the cosmic man is a huge being, that covers the whole space and time, sacrificing a part of himself to give rise to humanity, to the universe.
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Exclusive to Art Backers, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with the AB seal.

About Casciu

Born in 1983, Andrea Casciu graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. Currently, he lives and works in Bologna.

Through the survey of small mutations that the time enforces on the body, Andrea Casciu, studies an introspective analysis mediated from design, analyzing the relationship between a Man and its image.  He works deftly on self-portrait, combining an empathetic dual trigger.
In fact, in his works transpires the desire to empathize, to enter, but always on tiptoe, in the innermost core of the people.

andrea casciu

46×30 cm




Two Colors Handmade Silkscreen on 100% cotton, archival paper Arches 300 gr, museum quality.


Hand Signed and numbered by Andrea Casciu

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