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[email protected]“]Art Backers S.r.l.
VAT: IT03658740927

Legal: Via Carloforte 60, 09123 Cagliari CA, ITALY
Factory: Via L. Alagon 29, 09127 Cagliari CA, ITALY

Telephone: +39.070.657665
Mail to: [email protected]

REA: CA – 287988
Subscribed share capital 10.000 €
Selling ends at the premises of the firm’s output[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-shopbag” layout=”icon_left” title=”Shop Enquiry” icon_color=”#282828″]For Art Shop Enquiry, you can see our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us, with your name, your question, and ID order at: [email protected][/nm_feature]
[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-paint” layout=”icon_left” title=”You wanna be an artist backed?” icon_color=”#282828″]Send us your request and portfolio at [email protected][/nm_feature]

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[nm_feature icon_type=”image_id” layout=”icon_left” title=”Art Backers” image_id=”1012″ link=”||”]Art Backers produces art with the best European artists, and sells in exclusive only Limited Edition of First Market.[/nm_feature]
[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-paint” layout=”icon_left” title=”High Quality Art”]Art Backers cooperates with the artists in order to create true masterpieces, signed, numbered and authenticated, at affordable prices.[/nm_feature]
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Art Backers ship at your office or home, with express worldwide service by UPS. We use the best packaging for make secure your art!!
Free shipping on orders over €100 !!


[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-lock” layout=”icon_left” title=”Secure Payment”]We use a 100% secure system of payment with PayPal, we accept Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro.[/nm_feature]