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Giorgio Casu Prints Yellow

The Deer and Lighthouse

The first edition of Art Backers will be about a great Sardinian artist, currently adopted by the United States and New York, which has greeted him and his artworks, including the famous portrait of the President Obama, who now is located in the White House’s permanent collection, his name is Giorgio Casu, but for the most he is known as Jorghe.

Jorghe has created for Art Backers a New work, which represents a rampant Deer that overlooks a lighthouse, a symbol of strength, rebirth and light, which will be proposed again as a mural in June.

Jorghe is a renowed artist, he has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries, and for the first time he faces a silkscreen limited edition along with Art Backers, donating his Deer and The Lighthouse, in a variation of four coulors: gold, red, yellow and silver, in limited run to 15 pieces for colors, and with an edition of 20 retouchs entirely decorated and painted by hand, and different one from the other.

Giorgio “Jorghe” Casu

Size: 56×76 cm

Edition: 15 Gold – 15 Silver – 15 Red – 15 Yellow

Artist Edition H.P.M.:

5 Gold – 5 Silver – 5 Red – 5  Yellow

Hand Embellished by Artist every prints is unique and different about other

Materials: Two Colors Handmade Silkscreen on 100% cotton, archival paper Arches, museum quality, natural deckle edges. Authenticity: Hand Signed  and numbered by Giorgio “Jorghe” Casu

Exclusive to Art Backers, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with the AB seal.

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Artist Edition Coming soon on Art Backers

Hand Painted Multiple
5 Gold – 5 Silver – 5 Yellow – 5 Red

Artist Edition Prints are unique pieces of art, and have been hand touched ord embellished (Retouchè) by the artist.

giorgio jorghe casu

About Jorghe

A native of  Sardinia, Italy, Giorgio Casu, or Jorghe as he signs his works, is a contemporary  artist, based in New York City and creating art all around the world.

He embarked on a 5-year long journey, throughout the UK, Australia, South-East Asia and the USA from which he drew inspiration for most of his early works. Giorgio’s acrylic paintings, for which he is best known, have been shown in major event and galleries  around the world, including the White House, where he presented his portrait of the president Obama in 2010.