Become an Art Backer, help us create The AB Factory in Italy, now on Kickstarter !

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funded on kickstarter, thanks to all our art backer.

Support art, support artists to create a fully equipped artistic laboratory, gallery, creative space and print house in Cagliari, Italy, now on KICKSTARTER.



Today there are thousands of talented artists throughout the world, that need your support for the development and promotion of their art.

Art Backers is the first international online platform of support for artists, to produce, in privileged limited editions, great works of art accessible to all people.

But now, to better support our artists, we need a new home in which they can be free to create their art … And for this we need your help !

Cagliari is an amazing Italian city: a place in the middle of the Mediterranean se, where cultures and artistic traditions meet.

And it is here that we want to create our first AB Factory.

A creative zone, that can host artists from all over the world, giving them the possibility to create their artworks and limited edition prints, exhibit them and meet collectors and art lovers.

A fully equipped artistic laboratory, print house, gallery and meeting point, like Andy Warhol’s famous Silver Factory.

You have the opportunity of collect a limited edition, created exclusively for Kickstarter by our artists, at an incredible price, strictly numbered and hand signed by the artist. Start to collect and experiencing art every day. This is the true art accessible!


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art backers kickstarter
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