Lunart – La mia Frida

Lunart - Luna Berlusconi - ArtBackers


La Mia Frida

The artwork “La Mia Frida” is an interpretation of the iconic figure of Frida Kahlo, with her back brace in the background.

Giving this neo-pop accents, Lunart realizes his “own” Frida, expressing her fierce with a black, grey and red contrast

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.” 
― Frida Kahlo

Lunart - Luna Berlusconi - ArtBackers

Size: 60×60 cm

Edition: 43

Materials: 4 colors hand pulled silkscreen on 350gr Tintoretto Fedrigoni Paper

Authenticity: Hand Signed  and numbered by Lunart

price: 143,00 €

Exclusive to Art Backers, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity and embossed with the AB seal.

Lunart - Luna Berlusconi - ArtBackers



Luna Berlusconi, aka Lunart, was born in Milan on August 2, 1975. From childhood she expressed a great interest in art and photography.  As a self taught artist, in 1998, she had the great honor of working as the personal assistant to Gino De Dominicis.  From him, she was able to learn and absorb several important techniques that she still employs today. In 2010 his first personal photographic Sguardi di Luna arrives: touching story of the children of the Korogocho slum in Kenya. In 2018, having reached his artistic maturity, he began to exhibit his works, which soon became collectors’ interest. She displayed her work at Mecenart at the Officine del Volo in Milan and at the Carrara Expo at the Marina di Carrara Port.


Lunart strives for a “non-technique”: the use of sometimes linear strokes of color–which are oftentimes repeated in an unorganized way–to leave purposely visible marks. But color does not follow through thereby giving a sense of three-dimensionalism. Magnets mixed with acrylic paint are used to bring life to the wooden panels as well as to embrace the image, as if from an undefined conceptual figure emerges one that is too defined and exaggerated. To her, magnetism is not simply physical but also conceptual, visible, for example, in the gazing eyes in her portraits.