Why collect art? Why become Art Collectors?

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Texts and chronicles reporte the names of collectors who, before others, saw the potential and the future of those who would have become great artists.

It could be said that collectors have a no common intuition and an instinct almost “animal” that allows them to interpret the future of a work of art and artists.

Perhaps, and more reasonably, it is just a special feeling that, in a certain time of life, different for each of us, from young as well as adults, occurs almost unconsciously.

Sometimes just looking at an artwork, seeing it exhibited in the gallery, in the home of friends, in a glossy magazine, makes us feel a subtle and almost imperceptible desire of possession, often calmed by the thought of something out of reach.

Art is thought to be in different ways, according to education, training, sensibility, knowledge, sometimes with the thought of “I wish but I can not”, and this is not only for economic reasons, but for the choice, quality, type, and sometimes thinking of others who will observe the artworks bought from us, or to the economic value in the future.

It is at this point that the true collectors come out from the indecision, breaking through the delay and follow free their intuition. They do it with passion, decision, but also with care and information, relying on the rapidity, “before the others and at lower cost”.

The first traces of collectors came out already in Roman times, however, it is straddle of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that we have the most impressive results of collecting and patronage. Buying a Morandi, a Fontana, a Warhol, a Mondrian, when they did not have any market value, made the fortune of many.

Luck or intuition, instinct, some perseverance, continuity, information and then dash, determination, conviction, made a choice also in doubt, with the possibility of a mistake.

Art Backers is a tool to help you to become or grow as collectors; Art Backers opens the doors of the ateliers of the new artists, it does it in preview and within the rules of collecting.

Art Backers explores and offers with the new mass media, leaving to the collector the intuition, the choice, the conquest, the primacy and wanting even the exclusive, researching the conditions for a sustainable art, for the artist and for the buyer as well.